Tayla Horn designs both ladies and men’s wear under her own name.

She studied at the Durban University of Technology, graduating in 2015 with both a BTech degree and a diploma in fashion and textiles.

She decided to become part of the DFF mentorship programme whilst attending last year’s DFF.

She describes herself as avant-garde, awkward, diligent, and ambitious as well as a risk taker. Nature and her own particular experiences and philosophies inspire her designs.

She describes her style as artistic, ostentatious and conceptually rich. Her favourite local designer is Merwe Mode because their designs are innovative and push social and gender boundaries.

The international celebrity she would most like to dress is Fka Twigs and the local one, Tamara Day. Both, she says, are eccentric and make an impression.

She says her work reflects her personal fashion taste and, especially if she was attending a lavish party or function, she would definitely wear my creations.

Her biggest achievement so far is winning the ‘Most Innovative Range’ award at the DUT fashion show 2015. Her future plans include completing her master’s degree whilst changing and challenging the world of fashion.