Levinia Arran

I met Levinia Arran a few months ago, we attended the KZN Fashion Council’s ‘Africa Fashion Exchange’ media launch. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a warm and friendly person she is. She is certainly Durban’s darling, with an incredible future ahead of ahead of her


About Levinia Arran


Levinia Arran is a Ballito resident, who came from humble beginnings and decided to make the world her very own oyster. In her 33 years of life she has lived an intriguing life, filled with fun adventures. She started off her career as a nurse for 11 years, then worked at the most prestigious men’s health clinic in the world in London for 6 years. She is now back in our South African shores working as a Sales Executive for a medical company. If that’s not enough in her spare time she is a ninja  ready to fight off the bad guys on the street. Jokes aside this beauty, has a 1st Dan black belt, she represented South Africa in 2003 at SKISA Karate World Cup


Who do you admire the most?

LA: my mum hands down. She is the strongest person I know. She has been  through so many trials and tribulations but manages to always pull through for US.


How long have you been married?

LA: 7years 4 months, my husband is my biggest cheerleader, he is my support along with my loving family and he is also my personal photographer and #instahusband


The Road to Mrs SA

Levinia Arran



What prompted you to enter MRS SA?


LA: This has always been a childhood dream of mine and my dads.  I love what the brand stands for, it’s in support of CANSA, so I’m  doing this in honour of my dad. Unfortunately I lost my dad to cancer, 1 year and 5 months ago.  My dad was everything to me and the best dad in the world. Mrs South Africa is heavily involved in raising funds for CANSA and other charities which I hold dear to my heart.


Who are the most interesting characters you’ve had the pleasure of meeting while on this journey to become Mrs SA?


LA: definitely my Mrs sa top 100 sisters and the current and past Mrs South Africa and Candice Abrahams who is Mrs world. What a honour and pleasure meeting all of them. Beautiful inside and out!

Levinia Arran
What difference do you seek to make if you win the crown  of Mrs SA or even Mrs World ?

LA: I want to empower women out there and make a difference in their lives and the youth of today. The biggest challenge of the youth of today is on how to respond to the 21st century that is being able to hold on to what you believe is right; to live, enjoy and inspire people to continue living with upright morals and assuming some serious and key leadership roles such as being a young entrepreneur, becoming a leader, loving and respecting future mother or father, to promote programs that develop ones personality like confidence , self esteem . I want to uplift , encourage and inspire everyone I meet during this journey.So I want to tell people that the world is our oyster and we just have to get out there and reap the benefits. Put your mind to something and u will achieve it. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’


You are always well poised and dressed at all your events, do you have a stylist?

LA: No, I have style myself all along but now I have the beautiful and talented Zama Mathe of Zarth Designs . She designed and made a stunning gown for me. I was blessed that she was in my corner.

Levinia Arran


What do you think of South African style on a global level?

LA: I’ve traveled the world and flown to most of the fashion capitals of the world and South Africa is definitely up there with the rest. Our designers are unique and bring that beautiful African flare to the table that makes us stand out


What’s next for Levinia in the next 5 yrs?

LA: One of my fashion dreams is to own a boutique and be a very well known fashionsta who made a difference in people lives and touch people’s heart during my journey. The worlds our oyster so let’s see where God takes me


How can your fans vote for you to be Mrs SA?

LA: By following my public Page – Levinia Lea Schwarzkopf Professional Mrs South Africa 2016 And liking my voting pic and liking the Mrs South Africa page for their vote to count.