Clothing label: Amos

Hugo Amos– please tell us a brief history about yourself, where you studied, when you first discovered your love of fashion and how did you get to the point you are at in your career

I grew up in the small town of Wolseley and attended school at Drostdy Technical High School, Worcester.  It might sound like an odd choice, but looking back,it was precisely where I should have been. In gr.10 (2010) my dad told me that he had a little investment that paid out and offered me the money to design and make my first collection!  I did a prepared oral in Afrikaans class on my dream to become a fashion designer and the teacher and I decided to organise a mother-daughter-event and host my very first fashion show for my very first collection! Despite the obstacles we had to overcome, we had an absolute ball and used friends from three of the high schools in Worcester to be our models – they did a splendid job. When I matriculated in 2012 we did everything in our power to get some kind of bursary to go and study fashion design, but we were unsuccessful. My parents didn’t have the means to pay for studies and accommodation, so I decided to take what some would call a risk, but what I call a chance – after a brief holiday internship at KLuK CGDT, I started working for myself. I rented a small studio on the corner of Church and Adderley Street in Cape Town and lived with my sister and her husband in Bellville. My big break came in 2014 when I was awarded a slot a Durban Fashion Fair. I went back again last year, my clothes are now available exclusively at MSK Kreatief Boutique in Cape Town and my client base is growing.All of this is only possible because my parents believed in me and supported me in every venture I undertook – whether financially or by helping me hand bead couture gowns through the night! And of course because I believe in myself – in making my dreams become my goals, I am striving to fulfill every single one of them.

– what kind of woman wears your clothes

The women who wears my clothes are strong independent woman with a great sense of style and a flair for elegance. They’re also the women who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd of fashion followers. She believes in superb quality and timeless pieces as opposed to fast fashion. This is also the lady who grows with us from her prom dress all the way to her wedding gown. She also knows which styles suit her figure and how to wear it with grace.

– you have amazing ready to wear pieces, how can our readers have access to your clothes? Are there boutiques they can buy from?

Thank you so much! All the Amos ready to wear garments can be purchased at MSK Kreatief Boutique in Church Street, Cape Town for now. We also have some exciting news to share with the readers! The complete Amos ready to wear collection will be available to purchase online directly after our show at Durban Fashion Fair this year. We are also available on social media platform, Facebook and Instagram – AmosEDC

– DFF is celebrating 5years this year, what role has this programme played in your career?

As mentioned earlier my big breakthrough came from showcasing at Durban Fashion Fair in 2014. It is an amazing platform for upcoming and established designers to showcase their collections to potential buyers, clients as well as media. Durban Fashion Fair has helped me to build and refine my label into a more successful and known label. It has also given me great opportunities like working with some very well known and influential people in the South African and international fashion industry. Working side by side with the DFF team is always such a pleasure and I cant wait to see what the next 5 years hold in store for us!

– what is the inspiration behind your collection this year?

My inspiration for my work generally comes from the everyday woman. I will always look to the people around me to see how can I help to improve her outfit or look, to help her grow into a strong and independent woman.  I believe that beauty comes from within and the exterior should be a mere reflection. For the Amos Spring/Summer 2017 collection I designed more wearable piece, piece that can take you from an office meeting to an outdoor cocktail. This collection also features elegant pieces, but with a unique design twist.

– what advice would you give to designers starting out their careers in fashion?

Never ever stop believing in yourself. Keep on pushing through and keep on working hard and you will soon reap the rewards. The moment you put your heart into your passion and you forget about the superficial things like glamour, fame and fortune, you will start moving in the right direction. The fashion industry is certainly not for the fainthearted, but with a lot of hard work and perseverance nothing is impossible. It is also very important that you define your personal style and what makes you unique from the very beginning and to keep on building on that.

– what can we expect from you in the next 5 years

I plan on having a flagship boutique that stock Amos Couture, Bridal as well as Pret-A-Porter. Our long term goal is to expand our brand to an Amos lifestyle boutique for men, woman and children also stocking decor and accessories. The goal is to have one of these lifestyle studios in Cape Town, Durban ans Johannesburg. Watch this space, so much more is coming!