Durban based designer, Francois Vedemme, has been designing garments for the past 15 years. He prides himself on his innovative use of fabrics and his attention to detail.

He has had tons of media exposure in various magazines, shows and public events, he has also received awards in various competitions such as the Durban July Showcase Award Winner and has credits for various shows like Miss South Africa Earth.

Vedemme attracts a clientele that embrace the originality and conceptualisation which he implements in his designs. He is also favoured by high profile figures and celebrities from around the world because of his discreet and private demeanour.

Vedemme launched a new label called ‘Franck’e by Francois Vedemme, a gorgeous range of bespoke garments. He says “2012 was a year of growth” and believes that with the emerging markets, it is possible to attract and attain recognition all over, provided the product you deliver is of the service and quality your client deserves.
Contact: Francois Vedemme
T: +27 31 312 0281
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/francois.vedemme
Website: http://www.francoisvedemme.co.za/
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