The fashion show’s objective is to address the access to markets challenge that the fashion designers are currently facing and this will assist the fashion designers in building their brands and have them know to the public (direct market) and to the national buyer and international distributors(retail decision makers). The fashion focuses on the ready to wear collection as opposed to couture collection. The primary objective of the fashion show is to sell the designs and also show creativity.

The fashion show is a three day event where the designers showcase their innovation and creative with a purpose to attract the buyers so that they can sell their designs to them. This will be one of the greatest achievement for the designers as they will be supplying the boutiques and retails if the buyers do procure their designs. In the three days the designers showcase both their autumn and summer collection. The spring collection will be for the national buyers and market as we will be preparing for the summer seasons. The autumn collection will be for the international distributors and international market as they will be preparing for their winter.

As a value add annually on the fashion show there will be an international fashion designer that will be featured. Most buyers and media are likely to attend the fashion show and this will have a direct benefit to all the participating designers.