Azola Tanzi

“It is about time that the rest of the country sees just how much talent there is in Durban. The DFF helps a lot of designers get their names out there and it is a great platform for all designers who want to grow in the fashion industry.”

Alexander Cox

“Everybody wants to come to shows and take photos of the fashion, instagramming and twittering and what not, but they never want to spend money wearing it. This is why I feel we need programs such as the eThekweni Design Mentorship Program; to encourage more individualism, to get people to support local and get them involved in fashion.”

Ceri Williams

Ceri Williams’ label Evaelathil designs focuses on women’s wear. She graduated from the PMB school of fashion design in 2015. She is inspired by alternative sub cultures such as gothic, punk, and steampunk. Her style reflects her as she is a goth. Her best work to date is a lava inspired wedding dress. William’s favourite…

Dakota Jude Baptist

“A good balance between the creative and business sides of fashion design is important. One has to have a streak of creativity to stay on top of things as well as a good business mind to make sure one is successful.”

Faith Joubert

“I come from a life of abuse, a place of brokenness. I felt worthless and I cried out to God and he turned it around, hence the free style, the vibrant colours, the freedom in my range. It depicts the new me full of life, full of hope. My range is my passion. It’s my heart beat. It’s a statement that I no longer live in a dull past. I feel what I create.”

Mbalenhle Mkhumbeni

“I draw from everything around me. Sometimes I draw from nature and sometimes my designs have a social conscience message. My third year range was inspired by the black diamond, and the colours found in the diamond which range from black to tones of grey and white. My collection tried to highlight the corruption of the human soul, how its once pure form (white) has be darkened and corrupted by greed and a hunger for money, seeing innocent blood spilled all over the continent of Africa.”