Sibusiso Nyuswa

“The creative and business side of fashion design are both important to sustain positive results.”

Sinqobile Clifton Nxumalo

“Every big city needs a strong local fashion suport structure as an umbrella for its local designers.”

Zimbili Shezi

Zimbili Shezi is the designer behind the ZimbyLees Apparel ladies wear label. She discovered her love for fashion during her school years but followed her parents' wishes and studied nursing. Unable to turn her back on her passion, she enrolled at and graduated from the Sizanani Academy of Sewing and Fashion Design in 2013. She…

Tayla Horn

“The most important aspect about the fashion industry is being relevant, you have to produce something that is not currently available and you have to create a need for your specific product. That is how business and work together – the creativity to produce the unimagined and the business sense to stay relevant and in demand.”

Sheilla Shelembe

“I have always had an eye for good quality fabric I’ve always been interested in how the garments that we wear are constructed. I decided at the age of 16 that I want to do fashion.”

S’duduzo Su-Ellen Shezi

“I am inspired by a variety of things, including my personal experiences, architecture, nature and culture. I really can’t pin-point one source of inspiration. It could be something as small as a paint drop one minute and, the next minute, something as extravagant as the Nelson Mandela Bridge.”

Paige Marie Garbutt

“After an emotive and encapsulating concept is created with which I truly connect, I then shift my focus onto the three main pillars of my design aesthetic – sustainability, craftsmanship and uniqueness.”

Narcissi Madisha

“The creative spotlight is shining on kids fashion and style more than before. I am attributing this to the rise of mini-mes in the industry.”

Mbali Zulu

“Lovable, hardworking, passionate, talented and dedicated, I am putting everything into growing my career and I also enjoy wearing my own creations so that those who meet me, can experience my unique style first hand”

Mbalenhle Mkhumbeni

“I draw from everything around me. Sometimes I draw from nature and sometimes my designs have a social conscience message. My third year range was inspired by the black diamond, and the colours found in the diamond which range from black to tones of grey and white. My collection tried to highlight the corruption of the human soul, how its once pure form (white) has be darkened and corrupted by greed and a hunger for money, seeing innocent blood spilled all over the continent of Africa.”

Martin John Steenkamp

Androgyny is huge in menswear now and I am inspired by how menswear designers are combining masculine and femine characteristics in fashion. Each one distinctively expands on this gender bending trend amazingly.

Kholeka Nontuthuko Mchunu

“Without creativity there is no business.  You won’t be able to sell anything. For your business to do well, you will need to be very creative.Business and creativity works hand in hand. Both are very important.”

Faith Joubert

“I come from a life of abuse, a place of brokenness. I felt worthless and I cried out to God and he turned it around, hence the free style, the vibrant colours, the freedom in my range. It depicts the new me full of life, full of hope. My range is my passion. It’s my heart beat. It’s a statement that I no longer live in a dull past. I feel what I create.”

Dakota Jude Baptist

“A good balance between the creative and business sides of fashion design is important. One has to have a streak of creativity to stay on top of things as well as a good business mind to make sure one is successful.”