Colleen Eitzen is an incredibly
talented and multi awardwinning
contemporary designer
from Durban, South Africa.
Eitzen is also the fashion designer behind the space stores and has just opened her 5th successful
fashion outlet in South Africa. Her commitment towards fit and quality has kept her at the top
of her game along with her constant ability to surprise her customer.
She has always been passionate about South African culture, and has quietly hovered at the heart
of Durban fashion. Her work embraces the spirit of her heritage, creating an authentic design
handwriting that pays tribute to the rich cultural diversity of South Africa.
Eitzen has always been deeply committed to helping the impoverished rural areas, and by
incorporating their handwork talents in her collections she not only gives back to the community
but also has developed her own unique style.
She cleverly delivers clean-cut, elegant yet functional fashion pieces, and maintains an easy yet
edgy handwriting, often creating a fashion BUZZ with new unique concepts that she brings into
her collections.
Contact : Colleen Eitzen
T: +27 21 4247842/9
C: +27 82 807 2819
E: colleen@colleeneitzen.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colleen-Eitzen-Designs
Website: http://www.colleeneitzen.co.za/
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